Coin as a digital asset

Cod Coin LTD started its operation in September 2016 as a group of developers of the program algorithm for the digital code of a decentralized or peer-to-peer network. In February 2017 a separate operable client network, or Blockchain as it is called, was created and a code for the decentralized digital currency Bi2Coin (abbreviation B2C) was developed based on the network having applied the traditional cryptography of symmetric cryptosystems. To ensure the system functioning and protection the method of encryption of a single secret key using the RPBlock protocol is used. Bi2Coin is a digital asset that is not a fork, does not contain or use other algorithms, except for its own ones.

ICO and crowdsourcing

The peculiarities of the initial bid for Bi2Coin as sale to investors of a fixed number of new crypto-currency units formed as a result of primary emission are:

- lack of history for attracting investments even before ICO itself; a ready-made decentralized digital asset with a developed base for application and obtaining revenue is offered for purchase;

- holding ICO has jurisdiction, a registered legal entity that initiated the ICO, the company Crypto-Сapital LTD, as a basis for crypto-currency crowdfunding;

- there is a regulatory body – financial monitoring, typical for the IPO (shares sale) and any other public financial and investment activities;

- new owners of the coin (a digital asset) have offers similar to those that shares owners receive;

- crowdsourcing ensures the immediate application of the coin in several industries along with obtaining fixed income, both from the demand price policy (capitalization) and the currency performance in various investment and banking programs.

Advantages of Bi2Coin currency

Has no analogues, stable pricing at demand for the asset;

Limited number of the asset issue;

Open decentralization – with databases and a server network replication;

Access to the coins’ financial monitoring – sales, capitalization, and deficit data;

Anonymity and easiness in use;

Instant exchange, transactions speed, almost no commissions;

Ensuring the ability to work with the currency at the time of launching the ICO:

- Investment and Banking programs by Crypto-Capital Bank Service;

- Clearing system – Bi2Trade Exchange;

- An affiliate program consisting of three types and having six levels, which allows receiving passive income from each new transaction with the currency (purchase, investment and banking programs).

Financial monitoring

Monitoring of the coin financial status is a quite common concept: "finance" is coins in motion, and "monitoring" is a process of monitoring and control along with recording the result. A financial monitoring entity is the body performing the function of recording the data with the transfer of information on the predicted and current status of the financial flow of the digital asset Bi2Coin to the client. The managing body, Cod Coin LTD in this case, being the developer and holder of the digital asset Bi2Coin, analyzes both the percentage of price fluctuations in the deficit, and the price range at the time of ICO commencement, as well as the spectral use of coins for their intended use. One of the main tasks of financial monitoring is provision of control over exchange rate changes, when the server block replicates. Disclosure of the full analysis of the features of changes in asset volatility, coin deficit or demand reduction, is also controlled by this specialized center. Control over the issue of coins is carried out by the body of the subject of financial monitoring (Cod Coin LTD), which is both a control center providing a detailed analysis of the asset and the fund and coins capitalization regulator.

A specially developed website www.finmon.us discloses the full financial information of the Bi2Coin asset:

- issue volume;

- sales increase;

- sales markets;

- spectrum of capitalization;

- exchange rate policy;

- demand deficit;

- variability forecast.

Major features of Bi2Coin

Whole fractions of the digital coin, the full name Bi2Coin, abbreviated as B2C.

Parts of the digital coin, the full name Bi2Cent, abbreviated as B2Cnt.

Aspect of Bi2Coin asset acquisition is the customer owning (on the internet) a digital coin, the value of which is backed by the share, which is public financial and investment activity.

The primary asset price rate at the time of the sales start will be 10 $ 21 cent, which is equivalent to 80% of the share price.

The coin has an individual code base, blocks formation is controlled by the RPBlock protocol. The source code is stored in the server network, being the base that ensures security by replicating with data synchronization, after reaching every one hundred thousand coin sales. This mechanism is also considered as fixed capitalization on demand, the price increase is controlled by the Bi2Coin open financial monitoring body, located at www.finmon.us. The issuing volume is also fixed and contains no "mining" aspect; the issuing volume of Bi2Coin is just nine million coins and it is backed by mandatory reserves such as tangible assets – these are securities.

Backing with an intangible asset in the project is intellectual property as developed software for the online banking base, individually for the B2C asset. Remote maintenance also ensures the customer's use of B2C currency, when converting and getting into the world's fiat monetary assets (USD, EUR, etc.). The method of Bi2Coin digital asset development and backing with reserves corresponds to the method of issuing the fiat currencies in a state, which guarantees high capitalization in a short time at limited issuing.

The coin has block time, the hashing algorithm of which is intended for transfers in the Blockchain processing network, the algorithm formation and arrival to the destination is relevant for execution within 15 minutes.

Decentralization and replication

The digital asset Bi2Coin is a decentralized currency. The client program, or Blockchain processing, is oriented to work with a complete database of block transactions, the archives are as well divided into blocks and stored on separate server systems with encoded encryption. All the blocks are lined up in a single chain containing information on all operations that have been ever performed in the database. The asset decentralization consists in the fact that in case of demand for a coin a block server is being created every new one hundred thousand sales, in parallel to Blockchain network and database replication, the server network is continuously interconnected and expands in conjunction with demand and the coin issue, which is the asset decentralization and excludes any possible risks for the digital currency Bi2Coin.


Increase in the coins’ issuing volumes in the percentage of capitalization for the current year.

Popularize the coin at the international level of the crypto-currency market by supporting the emission as a result of its increase by mandatory reserves such as securities, bills, and other assets included in the calculation of the listing procedure in the stock market, whose value is tied to the raw materials costs. Providing support with material assets and raw materials guarantees liquidity and stimulates a record capitalization of Bi2Coin digital asset.

Create individual online banking for working with Bi2Coin digital currency and ensuring the access of the User of the Crypto-Сapital Bank Service to the fiducial settlement systems worldwide.

Issuing volumes

A feature of Bi2Coin digital coin is its limited emission. The amount of Bi2Coin that can be obtained is limited. The emission is carried out according to a fixed plan and its volume is known in advance.

The Bi2Coin asset issuing volumes, at the beginning of the ICO and up to the end of this year, is nine million coins. The volume allocation is fixed: for capitalization and ICO launch six million Bi2Coins are allocated and three million Bi2Coins are designated for the Investment, Banking, and Partner program operation in the Crypto-Capital Bank System.